Vocabubot does your Membean for you.

You’re still responsible for taking the tests.

Vocabubot does all the routine work for you, but you are still responsible for studying the words and taking the tests. Remember, you are responsible for studying the words and taking the tests. Once again, you are responsible for studying the words and taking the tests. Don’t make us say it again.

How does it work?

You sign up for Vocabubot, supply your information and choose your preferences, and that’s it. You’ll never have to worry about remembering to do your weekly Membean or fitting your session in between studying and practice again.

How much does it cost?

Membean sucks the life out of you, 15 minutes at a time. It costs you hours of precious time from your high school years that you can never get back. Vocabubot, on the other hand, costs $9.99 a year, which works out to about a buck a month. We would love to give Vocabubot away for free, but we spent a ton of money and time developing something that would work flawlessly for you.


Fully autonomous.

You don’t have to log in for Vocabubot to work. In fact, you don’t have to be anywhere near a computer. Vocabubot does it all automatically.

Tailored to you.

You can set Vocabubot to complete Membean with roughly the same accuracy that you typically get. It won’t be abnormally high or low.

Say when.

Set Vocabubot to do your Membean at the times of day you would normally do it. That is, if you weren’t out having fun doing something else.

Slow and steady.

Vocabubot maximizes the time spent in each session to keep learned word count to a minimum. That means fewer words to study for tests.

It won’t narc on you.

Vocabubot generates completely legit sessions. It won’t raise any red flags, and you’ll never get any dubious minutes or sandbagging reported.


Vocabubot doesn’t forget. So go do that team project, then go to the game, then right to bed. Don’t even think about Membean. It’ll get done.

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Have questions? Comments? Concerns? No problem. Contact us at support@vocabubot.com.