You are still responsible for making sure your Membean is done.

Vocabubot cannot guarantee that our service will work 100% of the time. There are simply things beyond our control, such as a power outage or a server going down. So while our program is reliable under normal conditions, we recommend checking your Membean activity once in awhile, just to make sure everything looks right. If it doesn’t, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email and we’ll resolve it.

Vocabubot doesn’t do tests.

To reiterate what was said on the front page, Vocabubot will not take tests for you. So make sure you’re ready for any tests your teacher might throw at you. Visit your Membean profile regularly and review the words found under the All Learning Sessions section.

Do not log into Membean until your session has completed.

Membean doesn’t like when two people are logged into the same account at the same time. To avoid any possible conflicts, do NOT log into your Membean account on the days you chose Vocabubot to do it for you, until AFTER your session has completed. Vocabubot will send you a confirmation email after every session.

Plan your Vocabubot days.

If your teacher is going to watch you do Membean at school, DO NOT schedule Vocabubot to do Membean on those days. Otherwise there will be two sessions completed that day.

Disable Vocabubot during vacations and over the summer.

Vocabubot gives you the ability to choose your preferences. Be sure to disable it over extended breaks.

High school students only.

Vocabubot is not intended for use by middle school students. It’s intended for high school students only. If you’re in middle school, please come back when you’re a bit older. Thank you.